Lynden Lund


I was privileged to be born into a family of artists. Drawing and painting were natural to me from my earliest memory and apart from a handful of art lessons as a young adult, I am primarily self-taught. Experimenting with all art media, from pencil to oil paints, my initial style was essentially realistic and intended purely for personal pleasure. Nevertheless, several works were bought by admirers and now hang in private collections in South Africa and overseas. For some years, a demanding corporate career created a hiatus in my “hobby”. In 2006, having left the rat-race for semi-retirement in Smithfield, southern Free State, I was able to return full time to my true passion.

For two years, while working predominantly in acrylic, my style became increasingly abstract and minimalistic. Far from being positive progress, this “new loose style” was an unrecognised indication of an impending stroke, which struck in January 2008, resulting in partial paralysis of the left side, inability to hold a brush or pencil properly, or discern form, or differentiate between colours. All glory and gratitude to God for His healing and the strength to gradually overcome the worst of the physical disabilities. A one-year art course, beginning with basic drawing techniques, provided the necessary impetus and environment to re-learn lost skills.

Since then, painting has become my full-time occupation and the public response has been overwhelming and extremely gratifying. Landscapes and seascapes reflect my intense love for nature in all its vivid variety. The colours I use are not always a faithful reproduction of reality; instead, they express the sensations and excitement evoked by the subject. Whether working with acrylic, oils or pen and ink, experimenting with different media is a constantly exhilarating journey of exploration and discovery in styles, colours, textures and multiple techniques.

My art is an outward expression of my joy for life and gratitude to the One who gave me life. My hope is that those who open their hearts to my art will be just as greatly blessed. I have successfully exhibited at several art shows over the past eight-plus years, and during this time was voted one of 30 of South Africa’s top up-and-coming artists. My works have been displayed at Alice Art gallery Roodepoort; the Johann van Heerden Art gallery Pretoria; Vredenvlucht Art gallery; Gallery on Leviseur in Bloemfontein, amongst others and can also be viewed at my home gallery. They can also be viewed on my art Facebook page: Lynden Lund Art, as well as my personal Facebook timeline.

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