Expo Fotos & Rame


Exporama (Pty.) Ltd was formed in 1969 by Gerrit Louw Snr to cater for the growing photography market in the Free State. The company provided a one-stop shop for the amateur as well as the professional photographer providing everything from cameras right through to darkroom equipment and accessories. In 1989 a one-hour laboratory was added to the existing range of facilities that Exporama provided. Gerrit Louw Jr joined the company as manager. Exporama also moved to new premises to accommodate the new facilities. With the withdrawal of Kodak, Exporama moved over to Fuji paper and chemicals but stayed a independent laboratory trading under the Exporama brand name, which gave customers a reliable and constant quality assurance. Exporama also started a black and white laboratory and slide developing as well as the following services: duplicate slides, Copy’s from prints, copy’s from slides, etc. In 1996 all the equipment in the laboratory was upgraded again to accommodate the expanding market. The new equipment could do enlargements up to 30x60cm as well as the new Advanced Photo System (APS) format and slide film could be processed in one hour. Kodak was also back in the country and Exporama again started distributing the Kodak brand name. In 2004 Exporama moved to a new premises in Kellner Street to accommodate the ever expanding business. The laboratory equipment was upgraded to the latest digital equipment including a state of the art digital laser printer (the only one of its size in the country). A custom framing service was also started and Exporama invested in equipment for Novelty printing. The new premises provided the customers with safe parking and a relaxed and secure environment to do business. In 2017 Exporama moved to a new premises in Brill Street. The business was downsized to provide a more streamlined experience. The name was changed to Expo Foto en Rame for a fresh new look and feel (but the same quality and service) and a new state of the art large format Epson SP 9000 was installed to provide a new range of services. Large format prints up to B0 size can be made and coupled with the Shiraz RIP software color quality is spot on. Expo Fotos en Rame also invested in a UV laser for engraving and a Flashforge 3D printer to broaden the range of services offered to clients.

Expo Foto en Rame is a family business keeping high values and the best customer service in mind. Exporama has also won the award for the best one-hour lab in the Free State as voted by customers, and was also featured in the Kodak International Brochure for the Template Generator on the DLS systems.

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